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Dahlia (Adopted)

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Dahlia is a beautiful corgi/collie mix that was found running the streets. After trying to catch her for three months, the shelter was finally successful. We pulled Dahlia knowing her history and how fearful she was. She was terrified of EVERYTHING. Since being with her foster she has made great progress but still needs more trust building. Dahlia needs a patient adopter, someone that knows how hard she struggles to trust, but that she's trying. She may never be a dog park kind of girl, but with the right family, we believe she can be a very loving dog. She's definitely a gem, so please consider adopting her and helping her get a new lease on life. She has already been stood up twice by the same people, so please do not apply for her unless you are truly interested. This girl needs a happily ever after, not to keep wondering if anyone is ever coming to meet her. We know there's a wonderful puppy hiding in there somewhere.

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